Dietpal™ service works in 3 steps

We create happy lives by empowering healthy lives

We providing a leading and comprehensive lifestyle management service using state of the art technology, remote testing, dietary advice and a personal healthcare mentor

Step 1: Pay for your DietPal™ programme, blood test and health coach consultation.

Helping you manage your diet

  • Once you have paid for the your DietPal™ programme our health coach will give you a call to introduce themselves, understand more about your personal circumstances and get you started.

Assistance in using digital technology

  • From our experience we find many patients have issues when using technology. For this reason, you will also be contacted by our digital health care support team who will help you navigate our service and deal with any issues before and during your plan.

Compliance and health monitoring

  • Your health is at the heart of our service. It is with this in mind that we also provide medical support if required during your programme (subject to terms and conditions).

Setting your starting point

  • Unlike many weight management companies, we investigate and provide more service to establish your starting based on your current health care condition. We look at more than what you can see on the outside, using our BioMedical Weight Management™ service. This includes blood testing and support from your personal health coach.
Step 2: Receive your blood testing kit and send it back to us in the post

How does our Remote Blood Testing work?

  • We will deliver a blood testing kit directly to your chosen location where you will provide a single drop of blood using a finger prick. Simply follow the instructions and send back in the post. As soon as you have posted your sample in the special delivery packaging it will reach our labs and be processed within 24 hours.

    Once your blood test has been analysed our consultants will review the results and you will be notified by email, text or phone call.

Our blood testing services can test for the following:

Step 3: Start your DietPalTM Programme

We will guide you on your health

  • Once you have received your blood test results your health coach will discuss the various options you have for your weight loss or diabetes remission.
  • You may benefit from meal plans which can be purchased through your health coach.
  • Your health coach will work closely with you to track your internal health with further blood testing services.
  • If you are on medications we would work with your chosen healthcare professional or allocated one to you (subject to terms& conditions)